Five years ago today our beautiful baby boy was born. I still can't believe it. As I write this sipping on my second cup of coffee, the girls are sleeping and Beckett is watching Shark Tale. I continue to glance over at him and marvel at his perfection. I'm not sure he understands that it's his birthday but that's okay, his sister Zoë does and she's been itching to open his presents for him. Before the chaos of the day begins though, it's just me and my boy...he has his movie and cars and I have my coffee. Beckett is an early riser and as much as I dislike 5  hours sleep, I have learned to savour the quiet morning hours with my oldest child.
This past year has been a big one for Mr. B, he is walking better and talking more. There are still some challenges, we continue to learn as we go and we are so excited for him to start Kindergarten in September...excited and totally scared at the same time!
I love this photo, this is when B first started to walk....I'm just noticing the sign behind him - a joke from a friend and no longer in our yard! Beckett now prefers to run and he is fast. He gives the best hugs, has the sweetest laugh and his empathy and compassion is extraordinary. I have learned more from him in the past five years than I ever thought possible.
We call him our "Beckett Bundle"...he is a bundle of love, laughs and wonder. Yesterday we spent three hours at Children's Hospital, he had his ears cleaned out (a miserable experience) a blood test and an x-ray to check for Atlantoaxial instability. It was a brutal morning but these are the things we have to do every now and then.
I could go on and on about my relationship with Beckett....but the relationship that Dave has with his boy is beyond special. They are two peas in a pod with an unbreakable bond that's foundation is pure love. The two men in my life are my bright lights.
The girls are waking up quiet time with my five year old is ending....let the beautiful chaos begin. Happy Birthday Beckett, I love you so much. xx