I’m trying my best to be aware of where my food is from and how it got to my plate. Asking questions and thinking about the impact my food decisions have on my body, information pills the environment and kindness to animals. I want my family to be healthy, viagra I want to be healthy. I really think we can improve our health and wellness one meal at a time, I’m trying to change some habits (or lack of) in the mornings.

I don’t really like breakfast, I’m just not ready to eat when I wake up, so I drink coffee - lots of it. Smoothies seemed like a good way to start (they are easy to make, packed with nutrients and taste so good!). I like routine, so every morning I make a green smoothie - not very original but I love them. I have one every day.  I still need my coffee, this smoothie is delicious and plant-based, it keeps me happy until lunch.




Chia Seeds

Hemp Seeds

Almond Milk

Agave sweetener

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 12.35.46 PM

Smoothie Post

Cheers to a healthy and happy morning!