The other day we had a photo shoot scheduled for 10am at IGA for their "Bunches of Love" campaign.  That was also the day that Zoë woke up at 4am.  She never does this.  Ever.  She woke up screaming, I brought her into bed with me and finally got her back to sleep at 5am.  Cue Beckett, he woke up coughing like crazy at 5:24am (to be exact).  He had no intention of going back to sleep.  So, I moved Zoë back to her crib and Beckett and I went to the couch and watched Barney.  Beckett yawned the whole time.  Seriously.  Did I mention that my husband has been out of town for ten days?  He's home today - whew.

The photo shoot was a GONG SHOW.  Zoë was so unhappy, which is unlike her and Beckett was not into it, all he wanted to do was walk the aisles and stack cans.  The above photo is the only one out of about a hundred that was decent!  One photo.  Clearly Zoë isn't impressed.

The finished poster will be in IGA stores very soon, it's a great campaign - from April 11 to May 9 all Marketplace IGA's will donate $1 from every Bunches of Love bouquet sold to BC Women's Hospital.