You may have heard by now that I had emergency surgery at the beginning of January, it's been a rough start to the New Year - not exactly what I had planned!  Each day I get a little better, both physically and emotionally. It really does take a long time to recover from surgery and a hospital stay. 

I'm starting to get out of the house a little more, it began with lunch with my husband - which was great. Another day I took a trip to the mall with my best friend, which was very tiring (the mall has never had that effect of me before)! Last night I went to the hockey game with my husband, a bit of a mistake, it was a great game but being in a crowd like that scared me, I was so worried that someone was going to bump into me.  I was also extremely exhausted when I got home, lesson learned.  I have mostly been spending my days reading and playing with our kids, it's been nice.  I'm not driving quite yet, just waiting for the surgeon to give me the go ahead!

I'm very lucky to have a lot of help at home, my mom, mother-in-law and aunt & uncle have been fixtures at our house to help with the kids.  The food, flowers and friends have been non-stop; I'm discovering what great cooks my friends all are!  As rotten as this whole situation has been it has really put things in perspective for me....I'm savouring every single second I'm spending with my sweet family.