I have a great husband.  He's kind, funny, generous and full of love.  What I love best about D is that he's an amazing dad.  When I married D I knew he would be a great dad - he really is incredible. Nothing melts my heart more than when D is with our kids.  They adore him, the sweet sounds of their giggles while playing with their dad is almost too much for my heart to handle.
When Beckett was diagnosed with Down syndrome, we were tested.  We had never been faced with such fear and pain before.  You see a person's true soul when together you are challenged.  I'll never forget the moment the doctor said the words, the tears that D and I cried and then the strength we gave each other.  There's no one else on earth that I would rather be with for this incredible journey.
When Miss Zoë was born I saw the father-daughter connection immediately, love at first sight - sigh.  I never had that relationship with my own dad, so to see such love was beautiful.  Zoë definitely has her daddy wrapped around her finger - and she knows it.  Her favorite word is "Daddy" and she's not afraid to use it.
Beckett and his dad are two peas in a pod, best pals forever.  Zoë is the apple of her daddy's eye, a sweet connection.  Soon Number Three will be here and a new journey will begin, what fun that will be! xx