I can't believe how fast four years can go by.  Beckett was born four years ago today. I remember the day so clearly, it was a gorgeous sunny August 2nd. I was so nervous as we drove to the hospital early that morning and by 8:30am my world changed forever. My boy is so sweet, he has been since the second he was born. The days that followed Beckett's birth were filled with fear and some tears as we discovered that he had Down syndrome but the tears were quickly replaced with laughs and joy as we got to know our baby. He is pure love.
photo by ka davidson
Watching Beckett learn to do the things that come so easily for others is amazing. He's determined and tenacious. Although he doesn't put together sentences, he can say quite a few words - he knows what he wants and knows how to tell us. He walks fast but doesn't like to bend his left knee, we're working on it! He's not so motivated by food and prefers smooth baby food to any texture....we're working on that too! Everyday there's something new for Beckett. Ask anyone who knows him and they will tell you that Beckett gives the best hugs. The best.
photo by kyrani kanavaros
I love how Beckett is with his sisters, when we go out people often ask if Beckett and Zoe are twins - so cute. These two are incredible together, the love and friendship they share warms my heart like nothing else. Beckett loves his sisters, he's so gentle with his baby sister Poppy and she is in awe of her big brother.
photo by kyrani kanavaros
Happy Birthday Beckett, I love you. xx