photo by ka davidson
Sweet Beckett just turned three, how fast time flies.  These past three years have been the best of my life....I can't imagine life without our little man, he's pure joy.  We celebrated Beckett's birthday with a party with friends & family the day before his actual birthday & then on the big day our friend (& amazing photographer) Katyann came over to take some photos of Beckett. 
photo by ka davidson
Dave bought a drum kit for Beckett when he was born, we put it out in the backyard for some photos and when he sat down, it was like he was born to play!  Hilarious.
My friend Denise came over in the morning and made Beckett's cake - seriously - what a talent!  I dreamed of making the cake and Denise just swooped in and whipped it up.  She also made the cupcakes, the fruit platter, the veggie platter, the 7-layer dip and chicken skewers with peanut sauce.  Denise is a force (and a good friend).
It was a Thomas the Tank Engine theme, as you can see Beckett loves Thomas! Zoë on the other hand was only concerned with the cake/cupcakes and the bubble machine.  
Baby number three is set to arrive in less than a week. We're getting very excited around here....I can't believe I'm going to be a mama to three kids!  Next up in the birthday department is Zoë on September 24th, I'm looking forward to planning a fun party to celebrate our girl turning two.  Next year I'll be planning a birthday party for Beckett the beginning of August, number three's will  be the middle of August and then Zoë will be in September.  Fun times.