Last weekend Zoë and I went to Painter's Lodge in Campbell River.  Over thirty artists spend the weekend creating art in one of the most beautiful places on earth.  My father-in-law Robert Genn is one of those artists and has been going to Painter's Lodge every May for seventeen years.  This year Zoë and I joined my mom, Robert and my mother-in-law Carol....we had fun.
Zoë painted with her Poppa one morning. She insisted on wearing the sunglasses. Her easel is attached to a $20 Ikea highchair. Poppa made it.  Genius.
Zoë was excited about painting, she was also excited about going for a boat ride. She completed two paintings and then announced that it was "time for boat ride now".
I love this photo, little legs dangling from her highchair, totally oblivious to the crowd gathering. Happy sitting beside her Poppa.
Every now and then Poppa would lean over and advise Zoë on her next move...she had no problem leaning back to let Poppa know that she knew exactly what she's doing!
 The finished masterpiece! Zoë's favourite colours are green, purple, pink and orange.
Our first weekend away together was fantastic (and exhausting)...I can't wait for our next adventure together.