And in the blink of an eye our baby girl Poppy is two. The last two years with this sweet girl in our lives has been heavanly. She is pure love and grace. When she was born with her dark shock of hair we were convinced that our third would look most like her Japanese and Italian ancestors. We were wrong.
The older Poppy gets, the more she looks like her Irish and English relatives!  Never did I think I would have a blue-eyed babe. She's a little beauty with a calm, sweet attitude.  She is easy like Sunday her Daddy.
It's incredible how fast a child grows in the first two years, walking and talking...smiling and imitating. When I look at the photos we have taken I'm surprised (an a little sad) at how quickly everyone has changed - it motivates me to take more photos and more videos...I don't ever want to forget these days.
This girl brings such happiness, we must say "she's so sweet" a hundred times a day. I love her and I can't believe that we are already celebrating two years of love. Happy Birthday Poppy. We love you. xx