I'm a super sentimental person, I save everything and love to reflect on my many memories.  I hold onto art projects and baby bracelets, photos of family members I have never met, old records and china.  The past fascinates me....I hope one of my kids shares my love of a good memory.

Lori Joy Smith is an artist who now lives in PEI (she use to live in BC)...I have always admired her work and dreamt of the piece I would own.  When reading her blog (which I love) I stumbled upon her fabric portraits.....I e-mailed Lori Joy right way!  After a few notes back and forth and a couple of photos of Beckett and Zoë, Lori Joy worked her magic and sent me the portraits.  Aren't they the sweetest?  I love them so much, I can't wait to order one for Poppy!  The portraits are perfect and I can't wait to pass them on to my babies when they are all grown up. xx