Today is the 7th anniversary of World Down Syndrome Day, for the first time in 2012 this day will officially be observed by the United Nations. Each year the voice of people with Down syndrome and those who live and work with them grows louder...but there is still much more that we can do.
When Beckett was born and we discovered that he had Down syndrome I was scared. My fear was based on the unknown, I really didn't know anything about Trisomy 21. I do now, like every other parent with a child with Down syndrome, I'm an expert! Down syndrome doesn't define Beckett, he's a boy that loves his family, cars, trains, movies and the park - he also happens to have an extra chromosome.
When Beckett was born I was constantly told what he wouldn't be able to do, it's such a shame that the beginning was so tainted with negativity. When I talk to new parents I tell them how wonderful our son is and how one day Down syndrome really won't cross their mind when they think of their child. It's true. Beckett does everything his sisters do, it takes him a little longer but that's okay.
Look at that boy in the photos above, I don't see Down syndrome, I don't see what he can't do. I see a ridiculously cute boy, who is full of love - like his sisters, he is pure joy. I can't wait to see what he achieves.
Happy World Down Syndrome Day.