I love planning birthday parties, we still throw them at our house so it’s impossible to invite everyone…we keep it small and sweet.  For Zoë’s 6th birthday party we went with pink and purple (her choice) and decided to do pedicures for all the girls…and Beckett (he loved it)!  I searched high and low for a mobile kids spa and found SPAradise - I booked them for a Little Princess Toe Party and we were good to go!  
My sweet friend Denise made the cake (as always) and we made most of the food…we thought it would be fun to do breakfast food, since the girls all came in their PJs! Sprinkles and whipping cream on waffles is pretty good.  The donuts are from Sweet Bake Shop and the cookies are from The Whisk.
My boy likes to dance. It was really nice to wear pyjamas, I love being in mine - if I could get away with wearing them to work I would!  The tissue flower wall was a last minute decision.  My mom had made them for Poppy's party, instead of storing them we put them on the wall - I like how they brightened the room.  We kept them on the wall for a few weeks, I may or may not have torn off some of the paint when I removed them.  Oops.
The girls loved the pedicures, I must admit I was worried about polish on my white sofa but we didn’t have one accident.  The girls carefully chose their colours and then patiently waited for them to dry. It was a fun afternoon, some great memories were made.